Earth Birth Swings

proudly made in the USA

proudly made in the USA

 As a mother of 4 I used what I know and what I have studied about birth, labor and alignment over my lifetime to create the Earth Birth Swing, helping to assure my own home births. 

In my own experiences both personal and in my career I have witnessed many amazing births in this swing. I have seen mothers flip their breech babies avoiding unnecessary interventions using this swing. I have seen moms with disabilities use this swing to aide in their natural births. The swing has few limitations when it comes to helping during birth. 

This revolutionary birthing swing enables you to give birth in multiple great positions. So versatile it is often used in conjunction with a birthing pool. It is a tool much like the Yoga Ball or Birthing Stool that changes the way you can birth your baby naturally. 

The swing includes the"Bear Down Loop" a system which is the key to a great birthing experience. A series of knots and continuous fabric to sit, lay, relax and pull on. Rock your hips, open your pelvis, squat with full support all in this great swing. 

The swing hangs from rafters in your ceiling and is installed prior to birth.

The swing is 100% washable.

It can hold up to 450+ lbs. 

During the hard work of birth you can relax and rest between contractions in many supporting positions while maintaining an open pelvis.

It is also very helpful in late pregnancy to alleviate pelvic pressure and low back pain. 

This swing allows you to get into several of the most effective and supportive positions during labor helping to assist in the best possible natural birth you can have. You can stand with support of the swing, squat, push or lean and best of all use it to stop from slipping in the water while in any of the above positions in a birth pool. 

The swings' one of a kind design will do as much of the work for you as possible. It supports you where you need it and allows your pelvis to open for baby. Best part is it can free up your partner allowing them to catch. In fact in using it myself I have found that you can get in supportive positions that are not possible any other way and stay in them for long periods without exhausting your partner or birth assistants. 

Another great thing about this swing is it is helpful if you suffer from sciatica pain, back issues, leg cramps, or weak abdominal muscles. A wonderful tool if you are a plus sized mama wanting a home birth option.

If you are wondering how it can help your specific situation please contact us. 

Earth Birth Swing, allowing you to open to your fullest, helping ease trauma and speed delivery.

 **Patents Pending**

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