​​​​Why would you eat your Placenta?

Let me tell you what I know.....

The Placenta is the miraculous organ your body created with the first cell division at conception. It continues to grow and nourish your baby until the day of delivery.  
Once delivered in the US it is most often discarded as Medical Waste! This is not required just common. In many countries around the world it is part of the ritual of birth to consume the Placenta. The benefits are priceless and can not be duplicated by any pill or supplement.
How do you eat it?
Your placenta can be eaten raw in a smoothie or frozen for use over several days or weeks. It can also be prepared raw for dehydration and encapsulated for consumption as needed. There is a third method most commonly used in Chinese Traditional Medicine where the Placenta is steamed with herbs and then dehydrated and turned into pills. 
I have studied and used every method mentioned over the course of my career and interest in this amazing process. Which ever method you feel is best for you is the method I would recommend. You have to be comfortable with your choice to fully benefit.
Eating your Placenta can STOP uterine hemorrhaging. This is why you don't see wild mammals dying from post birth hemorrhages. Humans are the only mammals that do not regularly consume their placenta post birth. The U.S. is behind the curve on this practice.

-------Eating your placenta can and does: 

~Increase your milk supply
~Keep Postpartum Depression away
~Replace Minerals, Vitamins such as Iron & Nutrients lost during birth
~Reduces Stress Levels
~Elevate Mood
~Decrease Sadness/Emotional Dips
~Helps PP Bleeding
~Promotes Healing

The average Placenta produces 75-150 pills the difference has to do with the varied sizes of each individual placenta and whether you choose to combine different methods. 

I am OSHA certified 
Blood Borne Pathogens Certified
& Registered with my local Health Department.
I have studied Placentophagia since 2011 and I continue to learn and teach about this amazing gift our body provides us.

My charge for this service is between $150-$200
I pick up your placenta just after your birth and drop it off to you within 48 hours. Whether you birth in a Center, at Home or in a Hospital
It is best if you contact me at least a week prior to your birth to make arrangements. I am then on call for you until your birth. I will go over the steps you will need to take in order to assure your Placenta is available to me. 

The Cord is included either planted in a house plant, frozen, or dehydrated.

I also offer 
Placenta Tincture
Placenta Belly Cream
These can be added to your encapsulation or can be made with the whole placenta! 

If you have any questions about Encapsulation or other Placenta inquiries please don't hesitate to contact me! I love to share my knowledge.



**** I never turn down a mom because of money I specialize in meeting the needs of low income mothers in my community****

Earth Birth Swings


A woman experienced in childbirth who provides advice, information, emotional support, and physical comfort to a mother before, during, and just after childbirth​ ~ webster

In addition I think a Doula is an asset in today's modern medical world when nurses are over loaded and interventions are high, having someone dedicated to your needs, wants and desires during labor is priceless and more needed then talked about. Being able to have another voice for your birth vision is something of a relief in the moment often overlooked. If you find yourself without a partner having a doula could mean all the difference in the world. If you have never heard of us ask around! 


​​Like so many in this field I feel called to this work

But I am slightly different than some because I prefer to work for low income, single and young women whom I feel are underrepresented and in higher need of support, as a result I use a  sliding scale based on ability to pay not a fixed rate. Please don't let money stop you from getting the support you need. 

  • I have studied birth for over 15 years
  • I have worked for clients in all major hospitals in ABQ and Santa Fe as well as homes and birth centers
  • I created the Earth Birth Swing to help all women birth easier with full support
  • I offer placenta encapsulation 
  • I specialize in postpartum care
  • I am also an experienced bereavement Doula.